Proceed with Style

Fashion is an art. It is the art of piecing together articles of clothing that compliment each other to create a unique artful scene. The cool thing about fashion is that it encompasses many scenes that often times are at different ends of the scale from one another.  For example, the ever growing dark emo goth style is quite unlike the couture fashion runway style.  But as the saying goes “to each his own”.  Your fashion is an extension of who you are.  Whether you spent $5 dollars or $100 on a shirt,  money ain’t a thang.  Whether it’s vintage, emo, gothic, preppy, or haute couture, it’s all fashion. Proceed with style is how I like to live my life. So many things that I see, it’s the style of it that speaks to me. The style of the outfit on the mannequin,  the style of that european cafe, the style of that girl that just walked me,  the style of a chic kitchen, it all speaks to me.

My husband and I take many trips to Charleston, SC. It is such a unique, beautiful coastal city with so much history. During one of our King street walks this man grabbed my attention. I thought, ” Now this man knows how to dress!”. He looked so slick and cool, I loved it! I asked him if I could take a picture telling him how I loved his outfit. He so humbly agreed. So I leave you with picture of a man who showed me that no matter how old you are, you can still turn heads.

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