A bit drafty


Photo by Riley Casey
I’m known by many to be quite the warm natured person. So to wear a skirt in the winter was hardly ever in my winter fashion paradigm. However, this year I have found the courage to try it. This whole year I’ve been so attracted to the skirt look that I felt bad at the thought of giving it up for the winter just because I feared being cold. So I decided to give it a try. So one day when it was one of our fairer winter days, I pulled out some corduroy skirtage, put on an asymmetrical-zippered Forever 21 jacket, basic long sleeve and bag with Guess boots. Then for a touch of bling ( cause I love bling!), I rocked some J Crew crystal flower earrings I found on Amazon for an amazing deal. Tips to rock skirts in the winter for the warm natured: get some thick stockings and/or wear some spandex shorts underneath your skirt. If your wearing tall boots, wear some wool socks. Those suckers will help big time keeping you toasty.


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