Going out with a Bang!

So I love New Year’ s Eve!   For one thing, it’s my birthday.  Yes, thank you… thank you for your birthday wishes.  Another thing is that I get to go to a super fun party every year…. on my birthday, whether it’s for me or not 🙂 . Good thing I LOVE to party.  My hips seriously have a mind of their own. They’re automatically wired to start moving when they hear music. My Spanish heritage might have something to do with that . The last thing is that it’s a great excuse to buy a hot dress to dance in.  Personally, nothing says “Let’s ring in the new year!” like glitter, gold, and sequins.  So for those you who are still wondering what to wear for that NYE 2014 bash, take a look at these.  You may be able find them at your local mall.

Have a Happy New Year!

BAng dress

Forever 21

Aqua Dress

Forever 21

Olive and Oak 

French Connection 

Free People


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