Winter Wonderland

I’ve always been one that if given a choice of a trip to the mountains or a trip to the beach, I would choose the beach. Same as if I had to choose between living in the north or the south. It would be the south hands down. So how funny is it that I end up marrying a man from….Minnesota. His family still live there, so I have taken a few trips already to the frozen tundra for the holidays. WOW, it get COLD up there! My luggage for these wintry trips is bulging with layers of clothes needed to stay warm. I have to sit on the luggage just so it could close. Unfortunately, looking fashionable is often not an option at 15 or -10 degrees.

This past trip for the Christmas holidays, I was expecting the usual dreary, cloudy, freezing cold days. I got that for most of the days. However, there was one morning I woke up and I saw something out of the ordinary. Out of the upstairs windows I see the sun gleaming, revealing a beautiful winter wonderland. My in-laws live in the country where they are surrounded by tall trees and they have one of Minnesota’s thousands of lakes sitting in their backyard. I saw an adventure waiting for me! I got my winter gear on and headed outside with my husband. The tall trees had piles of snow sitting on them and the snow on the ground came up to my knees. Just beyond the trees laid a frozen lake covered in just over a foot of snow. It was magical.

Here are some photos of this winter wonderland that my husband and I took. I hope you enjoy them! Let me know of any places you’ve been to that have been magical for you to see.












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