Organized Fashion

Organization is definitely dependent on the personality of  the individual. When it comes to our closets, some of us  like our clothes organized by color, some by the type of the item, and some don’t have any preference.  Personally, I like to have my wardrobe arranged by the type of clothing. I tried organizing by color once.  It did not work well for me at all.  Having shirts group together by color made them all blend together and I couldn’t really see what I had.  I know .. it’s weird.  Some weird mind trick, lol.  Why am I talking about closet organization?  Because….hubby and I have just bought a house! Yea!! This the big reason why  I haven’t posted anything in the last two weeks.  There are quite a few renovations needed in this new house. One of them, which is dear to my heart, is our walk-in closet! It’s not a big walk-in closet, but it’s definitely bigger than our old closet spaces. Our old place ( which we are still living in until the renovations are done ) has two small, separate closets. I definitely  do not have enough room in it anymore for  my things.  So my hubby, the cabinet wizard, is going to construct our first walk-in closet cabinetry totally to my specifications! I’m so excited about this!

In designing the layout of my soon-to-be decked out walk-in closet, I hit up the internet.    I checked out Pinterest (of course) and  I googled some images that  lead me to some websites that had some pretty awesome ideas.   I’d like to share with you some of these cool ideas I found on how to design your  own organized fashion without needing big bucks for custom cabinets.  I have posted some links below to some cool blogs and websites that had some pretty creative do-it-yourself ideas.  In checking them out, you might see some ideas you can implement into your  own fashion organization.   Maybe you need organization for your shoes, or jewelry, or your purses.  Not everyone has an awesome cabinet-maker for a husband, father, or boyfriend.  However, you may be able to use some deep box shelves that are sold at Ikea and put it in your closet to store shirts, jeans, or purses in.  You can even get regular bookshelves at Walmart that you can take the back-board off, repaint it, and even remove some shelves to install a rod or two to hang clothes.  You can also remove the one rod you have and put it higher in the closet so you can fit another rod below to hang more clothes.

So,  here are the links and let me know what you think!  Any of them give you any particular ideas, or do you have an innovative idea yourself? Let me know in the comments below!

1. Ikea Hackers

 2. LiveLoveDIY

 3. BuzzFeed

4. Life in the Greenhouse

5.  Home Stories A to Z

6.   If you want to be really creative and original on a budget, look at


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