Fun in the Snow

It’s hard to believe that only a few weeks ago in South Carolina, a snow storm shut down businesses for two days. Well, truthfully, it doesn’t take much snow to do that out here. A fleet of snow plows are not an investment in the south. The ice is what really halts everything. I was thrilled to have legitimate snow days. Now what I mean by snow days is when no one goes to work. Coming from New York, it has been so long since I’ve had them I had somewhat forgotten how awesome they are. The snowfall was the very beautiful kind. The ones that look like cotton balls falling from the sky. Those are the ones that you just wanna lay on the ground, stare up and watch how they fill they sky and dance as they fall down all around you. You can’t help but smile with that kind of beauty of nature. Luckily, I have friends that lived within walking distance from me. The first day, Aaryn and John surprised us and stayed at our house for some chat time. The second snow day, Rebekah and TJ called us to meet up. So we ran into them on our walk to their house. They had alongside them their beautiful and energetic dog, Finnigan. Rebekah and TJ are professional photographers.  They came camera-ready to create beautiful snow day art.
I wanted to share their photos with you. The girl in the photo is Rebekah. The guy in the photos is my sweet and beautiful man, Josiah. I hope you enjoy the photos by Charlotte Photography  đź™‚




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