Lil’ Papi

Hello everyone!
I apologize for the long hiatus.  Since my last post I’ve moved into a new house in March and got pregnant in the same month! I also tried my hand out at a small part-time business.  I am now 33 weeks preggers and am expecting a boy (lil’ papi) 🙂 !  My husband and I are super excited for this new phase of our lives that will begin around December 15th.

On the fashion side of things,  All summer I rocked leggings, oversized shirts, tanks, black blazers, and dresses.  They were the easiest things to wear for a growing belly without having to spend a lot of money on maternity clothes.  September was when I had to give in and buy some maternity pants.  Target has a decent collection of skinny maternity jeans and pants.  Luckily, oversized sweaters and shirts are still trendy. Since it’s getting more chilly out now, I could rock the ones I already have plus a couple more I purchased from the regular women’s section at Target.  Shoes…. well, heels are out of the picture for now.  However, my Steve Madden nude flat have served me very well when I wanted a dressier look.  All other times, for comfort, I have been wearing my Asics sneakers, blue classic Toms, and Rainbow sandals.

Fall is now officially here in South Carolina.  I like the casual looks more right now because I want to be comfortable while I am waddling around for the last two months of my pregnancy.  Whether you’ve been pregnant or not, what is one of your fall inspirational outfit?  Tell me in the comments below!


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