A Zara Christmas

I got some awesome Zara Christmas gifts I want to share with you. “Serendipity” is my go-to fall/Christmas movie every year.  For one thing it reminds me how cool my hometown of New York City is.  Another thing is that I think Kate Beckinsale is so adorable in this movie.  There is this segment of the movie where she is wearing this Burberry trench coat with a purple Parisian beret and killer high heeled boots.      For years I have loved this outfit. This year I decided to make it happen.  I bought a cool Parisian beret on Amazon here. Now, a Burberry coat is way outside of my budget. However, I am a huge fan of Zara. Their trench coats are absolutely fabulous.  Then, top it off with a gold chained messenger purse, and you have yourself a winter winner.

Purse- Zara quilted messenger bag

Trench coat – They don’t have the exact one right now. However, here is the longer version of it. Zara long trench coat

Any movie outfits you made happen or wish you can own? Let me know in the comments !


7 thoughts on “A Zara Christmas

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