City Life


Are you a city girl/man who moved to the suburbs or country yet still misses that city life? I am a South Carolina transplant from the Bronx, NYC.  I don’t know about you, but it took me a couple of years to get over the culture shock of people being really nice and random strangers waving hello to me as they passed by walking or in a car.  However, after the southern hospitality and the beauty of so many trees and foliage warmed the cold city mindsets away , southern life turned out to be pretty enjoyable.  Despite the change of heart, even after 11 year being down south, every once in a while I miss the bustle and lights of the Big Apple. Funny thing is that I  ended up marrying a country boy which is funny when our upbringings collide. He used to think it was ok to leave the car and house door open.  What?! Are you crazy?! There are robbers and crazy people out there! Just cause we are in the country doesn’t automatically mean everyone is respectful of your property! He closes doors now, lol.

Here are some things that helped me with my transition that might help you as well.  First, get your urban fix.  Charlotte,NC was a few minutes away from me.  It was a tiny city at the time, but a city nonetheless.  I would drive into “uptown” and take some walks and visit a coffee shop.  I would also make the effort to take a trip there with some friends for a nice city dining experience. If Charlotte had been even hour away, I still would’ve made an effort to go there.  Over the next few years, Charlotte has become more populated  and more classy places, clubs, trendy areas and shops have open since.  If the closest city is more than an hour away, how about doing a weekend stay at a hotel right in the nearest city?  Plan to do some city excursions and enjoy your time away from home.  Second and lastly, allow yourself to be open to trying out new things. You never know how much you might actually enjoy something new and different if you don’t try.  Moving away from the city can offer some opportunities to find out more of who you are that the city could not offer you.  The slower pace, the beautiful landscapes, the local culture all have elements that can access a piece of your soul that could make you a happier and more fulfilled person.  Allow that type of mindset to encourage you be adventurous in your new environment. Whether it’s the local town’s craft show or a camping trip, new adventures await you in this new life.
This painting I discovered at a local studio gallery I happened to come across while out for coffee.  I felt like it reflects that part of us who moved away from city life but the city never left us.

The artist’s name is Angela Clousher.  Angela’s work tends to feature lots of contrast and dark tones.  She also fills the canvas space with the subject of her art piece which to me makes her paintings have an illusion of being large and eye-catching. Check her artwork out

If you are a city native, tell me where you moved from then to. How was your transition and what parts of city life do you miss the most?

Thanks and much love!



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