Week 4 Photo Challenge: Headshot

I am a couple of days late posting this photo.  So this past week’s photo challenge was a headshot portrait.  I happened to end up visiting a friend of mine this weekend that I hadn’t seen last summer.  I thought she would be perfect to do this challenge on! Her name is Rebekah and she is a full time and co-owner photographer for Charlotte Photography . I featured her and her husband’s photography in a post a few years ago called Fun in the Snow .

We both became first-time moms within four months of each other last year and I got to have my son see her daughter, Mackenzie,  for the second time since she was a newborn.  It was so funny to see him interact with her.  Roman can walk very well and Mackenzie is an expert crawler now. It was fun to see how aware they were of each other. He kept reaching to touch her probably cause this was the first time in his memory encountering another human being so small.  Maybe he was checking to see if she was a battery powered toy or something , haha. I am looking forward to more play dates for those two cutie pies.

But back to Rebekah! She is a beautiful person, terrific mom, and a great photographer. I have known her for about 9 years.  She has such a way of staying in contact with lots of people.  I can’t do that well at all.  Lol. I’m making efforts to be better at it though. She also has such a great way of being frugal and she enjoys it very much.  She always lets me know of awesome sales and deals for baby stuff, food, and clothes.

In the realm of fashion , she is a constant reminder to me that it’s  always possible to look good in things that are not popular name brands.   You can still have great style when you shop at Target or Old Navy.   Style is not about how expensive your clothes are, but that it expresses who you are and you are confident in it.

I am glad I get to feature her again on my blog. Check out her photography here if you have a moment!

If you could take a portrait of anyone in history, who would it be? Let me know in the comments below!

Much love!



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