Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts for Anyone

Hey Everyone! There are different personal reasons someone can have for not spending a lot of money on gifts.  It can be because of a budget or just cause you don’t have a taste for spending a lot of money on gifts.  For whatever reason it may be, I compiled this list of ideas to help you find affordable gifts for anyone one you care to gift this Valentine’s Day.  In my last post I gave 10 Luxe Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her if you are interested in spending little more money on something extra nice for a special female someone.   This time I’ll give some affordable Valentine’s day gifts ideas for her, him, and kids!




  1. Zazzle Silver Initial Pendant on Silver box Chain
  2. Nordstrom ‘XO’ Metallic Journal
  3. Topshop Panda Coaster Mug
  4. Urban Outfitter’s Magical Thinking Tower Glass Box
  5. Uncommon Goods What I Love About You Book
  6. Uncommon Goods Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin
  7. The Painted Press Valentine’s Day Jewelry Ring Dish




  1. Bed Bath and Beyond Moscow Mule Mug
  2. H&M Leather Belt
  3. Deluxe Leather Toiletry Bag
  4. ManCans
  5. Jigsaw Furnishings Men’s Organizer
  6. Harry’s Shaving Set
  7. Alaska Bear Money Clip




  1. Personal Creations’ Deluxe Pocket Pals
  2. DIY You Light Up My Life
  3. Mastermind Toys I Heart You Erasers
  4. Custom Crayons By Sara Heart Crayons
  5. Purple Owl Designs1 Valentine Tic Tac Toe Game
  6. Kung Fu Panda 3
  7. A trip to a place they love to go to like the aquarium, zoo, jungle gym, or Chuck E. Cheese’s.


I hope you find this quite helpful! I personally would love to get the Urban Outfitter’s Thinking Tower Glass Box.  I think it is gorgeous!

Happy Shopping everyone!


Much love!



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