My Monday | My Date Night Purse Essentials

Sorry I am late posting this. I was having technical difficulties with my photoshoots.  But now that I am figuring those things out, let me share with you what my date night purse essentials are!

I am pretty minimalistic when I comes to what I carry with me in my purse.  I worked at a chiropractic office for years and learned how damaging to the back a heavy purse can be when carried everyday.  I also hate digging around for any more than 5 seconds to find what I need.

My hubby, J, and I had a long awaited date night for this Valentine’s Day. Not having the baby with us means no extra stuff like diapers, wipes, and toys to haul around.  I can finally use one of my small prissy purses to look cute in.  Yay!  My Valentine’s Day bag of choice was my black Zara purse (similar one here) .

These are the items I consider to be my date night essentials that I carried in my Zara bag.

1) Honest Beauty Foundation: The main reason for this is for the mirror. However, it is nice to know I can reapply foundation if I accidentally rub my face on my husband’s  jacket or I had to wipe something of my face like a smear of ketchup because I was a slob.

I always want to feel secure knowing I can reapply some lip color after scoffing down some amazing food. I used these three lip colors to create a custom color for date night. These are my most favorite colors I own. 

2) Burt’s Bees Lip Shine in Whisper

3) Honest Beauty Demi-Matte Lip Crayon in Honey Kiss

4) Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Raisin 

date night purse essentials
burts bees date night purse  honest beauty date night purse
burts bees date night purse  honest beauty date night purse


5) IPhone: Of course I carry this so as to have a way for the babysitter to reach me for any reason. I also use the camera to take pictures of our night out, like any good millennial does. Here are the best pictures of the night below. I still am trying to get better at taking pictures in restaurants. The lighting is so wierd in them.

By the way, this date was very last minute so I couldn’t get pictures of my outfit beforehand. You can see some of it in the pictures below.  It is a Zara dress (similar here and here ) and the trenchcoat (here)  is also Zara, which I featured in the post A Zara Christmas.  The earrings are from Ily Couture. They don’t sell these particular ones anymore but they have many other lovely choices to choose from here.

date night purse essentials
date night purse essentials  date night purse essentials
date night purse essentials


6) Lastly, I will be brutally honest with this last one. I had my period this weekend so….. a pad was definitely in the bag too.  No need for a picture of that though.


There you have it! Now you know what I feel is most important for me to carry on date nights.


Now you tell me! What are your date night essentials?


Much Love!



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