Celebrity Style Spotlight| Blake Lively

I find celebrity life intriguing.  It’s the whole double life thing they live that I find fascinating. The one life you see on T.V. and film, which most times is orchestrated, styled, and rehearsed.  The other is what is usually caught by paparazzi.  It is obviously difficult to have a “normal” life when you are famous.  

Most celebrities hate paparazzi.  I can see why.  I would hate being caught in some comfortable home clothes just to go to the store and have some guy take a picture of me at a bad angle and then find that picture plastered on magazines at the check-out line in the grocery store I was photographed in. But this would never happen to Blake Lively.

I first heard of Blake Lively when I found out she was engaged to the actor Ryan Reynolds.  I’ve liked quite a few movies of his.  I never got into Gossip Girl though,  the show Blake was on.  However, when I look up celebrity street styles, I am always impressed by what she wears.  She always looks prepared to be photographed.  Like she knows that there will be paparazzi when she leaves her place and she makes sure she is ready for them.  

I love her style. She always looks so elegant and chic.  She definitely appears to know what is trendy and coordinates her ensembles very well.  She claims to not use a stylist (whowhatwear), which is  a very brave thing to do as a celebrity.  However, she has proven to be quite the fashionista. Even when she was pregnant, she still hit it out of the park.  Bravo Blake, Bravo. 

  Here are some highlights of Blake Lively’s street style.  

blake lively streetstyle Elle Magazine
 blake lively streetstyle 
Elle UK

 blake lively streetstyle 
Elle UK
 blake lively streetstyle 
 blake lively streetstyle 
US Magazine

 blake lively streetstyle Tom and Lorenzo 

 blake lively streetstyle Popsugar


  Is there a celebrity whose style you admire? Tell me in the comments!

Much love !



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