My Monday | My February Wishlist

My February Wishlist


My February Wishlist  by  Proceed With Style featuring a convex mirror
Hey Everyone! I will be featuring my personal wishlist for each month,  every 2nd to last Monday of the month. I find writing out a wishlist for things that I want to buy helps me keep track of them so when money becomes available I could just refer to my list. Secondly, it helps me visually see everything at once so that I can determine which ones are most important to me so that they can be prioritized to the top of the list. Finally, it also helps me not do any impulsive shopping. It’s easy to just spend money on not so important things when there are no goals set in place. It helps me remember that there are things that I want more that is worth saving money for. You know how the saying goes…” Good shoes are worth waiting for”.  Eeerrr.. yea… I said that.  But it’s  a good one, lol.
1) Nude strappy heeled shoes.  I really really want some sexy nude heeled shoes for the warm weather.  I would love to be able to wear stilletto heels, but they are much harder for me to walk on.  I am happy the chunky heel is a trendy thing now.  It helps girls like me who have a desire to wear high heels but can’t last more than 30minutes on stilletos feel like it is possible.  These shoes are from Charlotte Russe and very affordable.  I actually really like the shoe collection that Charlotte Russe carries.  It is very diverse and trendy.
2) Bomber jacket.  I really like this trend.  I specifically want one in black so it is much more versatile to match my outfits with.  Also, it needs to have a gold zipper, since I wear gold jewelry  more often than silver.
3) Starburst mirror.  I’ve been wanting a gold starburst mirror for a long while now.  However, I am waiting till we sell and find a new house before I get it.  Hubby and I are hoping to sell the current house before the summer.  There are many different starburst mirror  designs out in the market.  I actually like many of them.  This particular one is expensive for me.  But I really like the art deco feel to the design.
Share with me your wishlist!  I would love to hear it!
Much love!

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