Week 8 Photo Challenge | Landscape: Panorama & My Little Explorer


panorama photography dogwood 52  

This photo challenge took me a while to find.  I had to drive to a lake nearby.  I tried doing a panorama shot of my neighborhood but it was too boring for me. 

 This is Lake Wylie. It is located between North Carolina and South Carolina. The lake is a reservoir and has a surface area of 13,400 acres.  It was named after  Dr. Jake Stephen Wylie, one of the founders Catawba Power Company that had created the lake, which is now Duke Power.  The park that we are in off the lake is called McDowell Nature Preserve.  It’s a fun place to hang out at.  It has a playground, trails, picnic tables and grills on shore of the lake, and a campground.

 This was a fun outing for my son, R, and I.  It was quite windy and cold this day, but R didn’t care.  I chose this particular shot for the challenge because R is in it exploring.  I think he loves exploring. Whenever we go outside, he likes to roam and hardly ever stays near me. I try to get him to follow me sometimes, but most times he seems to have his own desires to explore something else.  I think it is important to let him do that sometimes because it is a great way for his brain to understand and interact the world around him.   It does concern me when he suddenly wants to walk on to the street. I now I am training him to hold my hand when he does. 

I find it fascinating when he does things that are new and independent.  It brings so much joy to my heart seeing him have fun.  I think children, in general, are fascinating.  However, motherhood is amazing.   I get to watch this little human being grow and become someone so unique and wonderful. 

I will close this post with another panaroma shot of the park and lake.  It was my second favorite.


Hope you enjoyed the photos! 

Thanks and much love!



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