My Monday | My Top 20 Favorite Instagram Posts | February

I am going to be doing this new post series where at the end of each month I will go through my list of all the posts I have liked (which is a lot!).  I will then pick and share with you my top 20 Instagram posts that I’ve liked on the last Monday of the month.   I will also give a brief description for each photo why I liked it.  The Instagrammer’s name will be at the top of their pic so that you can look them up!  

Here are my top 20 Instagram posts I liked for February. 
top 20 instagram pictures I love her over the shoulder look and the golden glow.

top 29 instagram stephen amell  This is the Canadian actor Stephen Amell who is the star of one of my favorite shows Arrow.  He was caught in the east coast blizzard  during a comic con convention in January. This pic made me laugh. I still think planking is funny. 

fashion blogger instagram  A fashion blogger who was also out in the middle of the January blizzard in NYC. She still look stylish.

instagram fashion blogger  I love this off-the-shoulder shirt.

tea skirt fashion  I absolutely adore tea length skirts! However,  I read somewhere that short girls should avoid this style.  That made me very sad.

photo challenge instagram This is someone I follow who is doing the Dogwood 52 Photo Challenge like me.  I love this black and white landscape with that gorgeous house in the background. The trees in the back look sketched.

fashion blogger instagram  She is just so absolutely gorgeous. 

jenny packham beaded dress  This beaded dress from Jenny Packham is jaw dropping stunning.  So much detail. The black and white look makes it look old school too.

 pink skirt pink car  How creative.  I love how her skirt matches the car. Brilliant.

dream mansion sea cliff  My dream home. Even where it is located is perfect.

new york taxi fasion blogger  Great shot with the snowfall and taxi . Her outfit is so adorable too.

fashion blogger pink jacket  This pink jacket is so cool. Very Pink Lady.

tiled bath window rustic  One of my dream bathrooms. 

indian dancer colorful  So moving.  This is a dogwood photo challenge also.  Beautiful.

pink skirt fashion blogger  A splash of pink. Love the composition and her outfit.

apple pies food photography  Apple pies.  When I see this I want to reach through my phone screen and grab a few of these to eat. It looks so yummy!

pointed flat shoes  I love pointed shoes!

mens fashion denim  Love the lighting and style in this pic.

  Another favorite show of mine, The Flash, is doing a crossover episode with the Supergirl show.  I am so excited and can’t wait to see it!

 Oh Paris.  One day, one day. 

You can follow me on my Instagram account to see more Proceed With Style photos!

Just a heads up to everyone , I post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  However, I will post extra during the week if there are extra things that I want to share with you.   

Also, I love feedback!  Please let me know what you like and what you don’t care much to see me write about or how I write about them.  If there is anything in particular you want me to feature more often, tell me! I am working on the photography aspect of my blog.  It is a skill I am working on continually because I know how important good photography means to readers.

So look for my posts and let me know what you think about them! 

Thanks and much love!



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