Week 9 Photo Challenge | Artistic: Shadows

 shadow photography dogwood 52 

This is my week 9 photo challenge.  The category is an artistic photo involving shadow(s).  I had taken a shadow picture a few weeks ago when I went walking with little R at night.  I took a photo of our shadows on the street that the street lamps created.  This time I decided to take the shot during the day and use the shadow that the sun created on the grass.  I didn’t want a boring standing shot so I did several different poses. This pose was the one I liked the best.

For those of you wondering, this a 52 week photo challenge set up by Dogwood Photography.  If you are interested in participating, go the website and look at the year photo challenge schedule.  It is never too late!  You can post the pictures on your Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, or blog. I am enjoying it very much! You can see more photos from me on my Instagram.

Also, share any of my blog posts on your social media! There are share buttons below each post. 

Thanks and much love!



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