My Monday | My Netflix Binge Confessions

 netflix binge TV shows 

It’s funny to think that before Netflix existed, “binging” was a term only used for food eating problems. Now it is associated with the problem of not being able to watch just one T.V. show episode in a day.  Officially , it is called binge-watching. 

Hi , my name is Nicole and I am a Netflix binger-watcher.  Watching two shows at a time is for beginners.  Before I became a mom, I would easily kill 2 hours watching episode after episode of whatever show I was currently on.  So let me share what shows I binged on.  Here are my Netflix binge confessions. 

Now not all of these I finished the whole show.  Some of them I binged the the first season or two and then the next season the show became boring and I stopped watching.  I will also give a brief explanation of how I felt about the show.  So here we go! 

1) The Office ( the American version).  The one that I believe started it all.  So freakin hilarious !

2) Continuum I binged on this while I was in the first trimester of pregnancy.  I couldn’t do anything much but lie on the couch because of morning sickness. This show got boring, so I did not watched the last season. 

3) New Girl–  I am still watching this show.  I think this is the funniest comedy I have ever watched next to The Office.  

4) Futurama – This is an adult cartoon that I used to watch when I was in college pre -Netflix era.  When I got Netflix, it was one of the first shows I started binging. 

5) Arrow–  I started this superhero show the last month of being pregnant when my parents came down to stay with me for the month.  They are big TV watchers too.  We started this show cause I thought we could start a new show together.  I have been watching it ever since.   

6) The Flash – Started watching this cause the Flash character was introduced in one of the Arrow shows and they had a crossever episode. I started the Flash to get background info for the crossover episode.  Still watching the show.  It is a fantastic superhero show.

7) House of Cards– My husband and I binged this show for only the first season.  It honestly became difficult to watch.  When the main character is a villain,  and as manipulative and heartless as Underwood, the whole show became just too dark for me to handle.  

8) The Walking Dead –  I still can’t watch some zombie scenes when they are eating someone. The show is very well done.

9) Flip or Flop– The first HGTV show we binged on.  This show was the start of a slippery slope for HGTV binging.

8) Top Gear–  I watch this show with my husband.  He started it, and then I jumped on board.  It is an entertaining British car show.

9) The Guild–  This is such a great nerdy show.  If you don’t like nerdy things like gaming it may be difficult to connect with.  However, if you could look past that, it is funny.

8) Parks and Recreation– Hilarious! Still trying to finish the last season.

9) Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt– Love this show! Can’t wait for season 2.

10) House Hunters – I told you HGTV is a slippery slope. 

11) Agents of Shield– Loved the Marvel movies so I gave this spinoff a try. Still watching. Amazing!

12) Daredevil– A great dark superhero Netflix original. Waiting for season 2

13) Jessica Jones– Another great dark superhero Netflix original.  Waiting for season 2. 

15) Leverage– This one I would binge on and off.  It is a little cheesy, but sometimes cheesy is entertaining.  

16) Nikita– Only did two seasons.  Got bored

17) Royal Pains – Only did 3 seasons. Got bored . 

18) The Tomorrow People– It was entertaining but the writing wasn’t great. Hence,  why show was canceled. 

19) Doctor Who–  A super fun and corky yet emotional British TV scifi show.  I have laughed  and shed many tears watching this show.  Oh, and I have rewatched the entire show about 3 times. 

19) Fixer Upper– The  HGTV slope continues

20) Long Way Round– A motorcycle documentary trip starring the actor Ewan McGregor. 

21) Long Way Down – The sequel to Long Way Round. 

22) Alias – My all time favorite spy show.  This is a classic.

21) The Blacklist– Only watched two seasons. 

22) Real Husbands of Hollywood– I love Kevin Hart.  Great  comedy.

23) Fringe– This sci-fi show was absolutely  brilliantly written. 

25) How I met your Mother– Great Comedy.

26) Eureka–  Only watched the first 3 seasons I believe.  The writing became bad. 

27)Arrested Development -Hilarious

28) Dollhouse–  Good sci-fi  show. 

29) Farscape– Was one of my favorite shows before Netflix.  Binged it all. Awesome sci-fi show. 

29) Scrubs– Hilarious! 

30) Life– Good show.  Too bad it was only 2 seasons. 

31) The IT Crowd– Great British comedy.  

32) Lost – I barely was able to finish the show.  The writing was so forced and confusing.  I was glad I was done.

Yup… it’s a long list .  I honestly didn’t remember half of these.  I had to look at my viewing history on Netflix to remember. 

What shows are you currently binging?  Have you seen any of these shows and did you like it?

Thanks and much love!



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