8 Stylish Raincoats for the Spring Rain

I’m so glad it is spring time now here in South Carolina!  I like winter, but only for like 3 months. Since spring is a season that tends to be rainy, I wanted to highlight 8 stylish raincoats in case anyone wants to look cute in the spring rain.   Most of them are under $200.   They are all uniquely designed and definitely different than your ordinary rain coat or jacket.  I included links for each to where you can purchase these particular coats, in case you are interested.

8 Stylish Raincoats

1. This coat is super cute!  I love how different it is as a coat in general because of it’s metallic look.  It is lightweight, waist-length and perfect for spring temperatures.  $51 asos.com

ASOS raincoat metallic trench


2. I am a fan of black clothes and shiny things.  This rain coat has the two in one.  It is sleek, chic  and perfectly stylish! $77 asos.com

ASOS stylish raincoat black


3. If you are going to have to go out in the dreary rain, why not wear something that is brightens your day.  This coral coat can do just that. Topping off the look with a waist sash is all you need to look chic on a sloppy wet day.   $125 nordstrom.com

stylish coral hooded raincoat


4. This abstract printed raincoat is so unique! Also, it definitely feels springy with the pastel colors.  Light weight and fun, it makes a great choice for a spring raincoat.   $77 asos.com

ASOS stylish colorful raincoat



5. Chevron  looks so cute when it is designed into the right clothing.  On a raincoat,  I think is a great stylish choice for it.  $77 asos.com

black white stylish raincoat


6. How about a frosty transparent raincoat?  Give people a glimpse of what you are wearing underneath!  $69.90 zara.com

Zara frosted transparent stylish raincoat



7. Maybe you’d like something completely transparent instead of frosty.  This clear raincoat is the most inexpensive yet stylish coat on this list.  When buttoned up it looks like a trenchcoat and it looks adorable for those warm rainy days when you are wearing a dress.   $17 amazon.com

transparent raincoat stylish



8. This last one is too much green for my pocket, but Terra New York makes some really gorgeous raincoats!  I just couldn’t leave it out of the list.  Make sure to check out their other styles too!  This particular style they carry is my favorite. $415 terranewyork.com

rain trenchcoat stylish transparent



I hope this lists helps anyone looking for a new raincoat.  If you have any questions or comments for me, please share!


Thanks and much love!



16 thoughts on “8 Stylish Raincoats for the Spring Rain

  1. It’s definitely our rainy season in coastal Virginia and I have never found a raincoat that I love. This is all great and helpful advice! Thanks for the tips!

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