My Monday | My March Wishlist

Hey there!  I hope you are having a good Monday.  Today is my March wishlist roundup!   I will share with you what I would hope to be able to get sometime soon,  if my budget allows it.  So let’s begin!

My March Wishlist

1. I’ve been wanting a crisp white button-up shirt for a long while now.  I love this particular one because of it’s non-traditional collar.  This white shirt is so classic yet so modern.   $98.50

Gant white shirt women

2. I love the big hat trend!  Since my hair is short, there are days I need to cover it to keep it hidden from the wind or when my hair is not up-to-par to be seen in public.  I like how wide the brim is on this hat.  You definitely can’t beat the price either!  $29.97

phenix wide brim fedora women

3. I’ve been doing quite a bit of research lately on the quality of jeans.  Most of my jeans are from stores like Forever 21 and Hollister.  I have always had trouble finding the right fitted pair of jeans because of my short, pear shaped figure.  A lot of jeans that I try on are usually too long ( I have to roll them up or get them tailored), too loose around my legs (because I had to try them on big enough to fit my big booty), and/or the waist is too big (again because of my big booty).  I have decided, after some denim research, to bite the bullet and pay more money for higher quality jeans.  From what I have read, they are cut differently and last longer than jeans from lower end stores.  Plus, some of them give you options for petite sizes or shorter inseam. That would help me out a lot!  Here is one particular denim that I am eyeing. I’ve heard Lucky Brand jeans are pretty good quality jeans.
On sale $94.97

Women lucky brand jeans


Well there it is, my wishlist for this month!  What’s on your wishlist right now? Share it with me in the comment section!

Thanks for reading and have a terrific week!


Much love,



3 thoughts on “My Monday | My March Wishlist

    1. Ooo! Birkenstocks! Good one! I like the ones that have the sling back on them, So it keeps my feet from slipping too much. My husband actually doesn’t like the big fedora look. But I like them so I told him too bad I’m going to wear it, Lol

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