My Monday | My Top 20 Favorite Instagram Posts| March

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Today I will be sharing with you all my favorite Instagram posts in this monthly Monday series called My Top 20 Favorite Instagram Posts for March.  At the end each month,  I go through my whole list of Instagram posts I’ve liked  (which is easily over 100) for the month and pick out my top 20 favorite posts.  The name of each account that the post  belongs to is at the top left corner of the picture.  Also, feel free to check out February’s list here.

At the top of each photo is an explanation for why it made my top 20 favorites.  Lots of things determine a photo to be a favorite. I am a sucker for great photography.  There are certain compositions and photo editing techniques that really grab my attention and my heart.  Also being a fashion lover,  there a certain outfits or clothing items and accessories that really make the whole picture stand out for me.  Finally, if the picture tells me a story that moves me, it also will move to the top of my favorite list.

Alright, here we go!

My Top 20 Favorite Instagram Posts | March

I love, love, love this hat and sweater combo.   I am a big fan of big brim fedora hats and am interested in getting one soon (My March Wishlist).  The color and weaving of the sweater is so beautiful.  It looks soft enough to cuddle up in and sleep in.


How stunning is this girl!  She looks so beautiful in this picture. Eyebrows, lips and lashes on point!


  I have been really drawn to monochromatic looks. This girl’s hair is even monochromatic!


A feather skirt?! What!!!! So cool. The leather jacket is icing on this #OOTD cake.  Also, I really enjoy this Instagramer’s account in general.  Great photography and creative.


This looks like a place I would just steal away to for “me time”.


Another great monochromatic outfit. The preforated shirt is so cool too.

What a breathtaking view.  This guy takes amazing pictures.


This coat made this picture for me. It looks so lux and soft.

One of my favorite Instagram accounts right now.  All black with white sneaks speaks to the NYC girl inside of me.

Great shot in general.  Love how well she is focused with the blurred city background.  I also love how it is edited. Brilliant!

Terrific negative space shot.  I love how her side is bare.


 Great  top-down view with the focal point being the beautiful vibrant green large leaf with the white flowers in a mostly neutral surrounding.


So brave and beautiful at the same time.  Great composition and timing of the shot.  One time I tried snorkeling and I freaked out when fish came near me.  Yeah….. I’m a weird like that.

 Another Instagram favorite of mine.  Those shoes tho!

I know…. another all black outfit, BUT…. this is my younger sister Jessica.  Her and I have similar taste in style.  And she looks cute in this pic.   So she made it cause she look good.  She has her own Instagram fashion blog account too, @vanillabeanjc .  Check her out!


I have a secret desire to learn to surf.  I really enjoy surf movies.   However,  if fish coming near me scare me, I don’t know if I can make this happen.  I’ll see about it.

SHOES!  Shoe displayed in a fun pattern always grab my attention.  This fashion blogger has great taste in them.


This post is very inspiring to me.  It continues to remind me not to judge people by how they look.  After watching Biggest Loser and seeing pictures like this, I don’t assume that just cause they look heavy doesn’t mean they are not more athletic than me.

I love the sheer tunic with the crop top underneath.  What a unique style!


I love how the details on her purse matches her dress details.  Great spring black and white  outfit.



Well there you have it!  I hope you enjoyed the list.  Check out any of the Instagramers of the posts you liked , whenever you have a free moment 🙂


Please share with me as well! Do you have a particular Instagramer that you follow that is a favorite right now?  Let me know in the comments below 🙂


Thanks for reading!


Much Love,



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