How to coordinate your style as a couple without being over-the-top.

Do you remember that Brittney Spears and Justin Timberlake red carpet moment years back?

matching couples britney spears justin

Ouch!  Yea… it made me cringe too. You know they thought they look cute though!

Unfortunately, despite the adorable intention, this fashion attempt of love went completely awry.  Where did they go wrong?

1). Too much denim that was also too close in color.

2)  They looked too alike, despite    her wearing a dress and he a….suit? The matching denim makes it all blend too much together.

If Britney Spears was the only one wearing denim, I think it wouldn’t have been as bad.

Here are some more matching fails featuring the Beckhams.

matching couples beckhams all

matching couples beckham all

I love the Beckhams.  I really do.  However, these are not their top fashion moments.

Maybe you are one of those people who really do like to look almost exactly the same as your partner. I am not going to bully you into not doing it.  If that really makes you happy, you gotta do you!  That’s your prerogative (I got that song in some of you guys’ heads now, haha).

For the rest of us who want to coordinate with our partner, but not look over-the-top about it,  here are some creative coordinating tips.

1)  Instead of wearing matching shirts and pants,  coordinate more along the lines of a theme. Have the colors flow with one another, but don’t have them be the same exact colors and/or patterns. You can also have one very similar item/color/fabric that can thread the theme together. Similar, but not the exact same.  That’s the key.

Examples: Preppy ( both wear a different colored cardigans).

Urban look– Go monochromatic and minimalistic.  One theme to add to this look is to have some kind of leather matching item. He can wear a leather jacket.  She can wear leather pants.

matching couples

matching couples leather

 matching couple celebrity style

matching couples celebrity


2) Choose two colors to wear and don’t match the colors top for top and bottom for bottom. Reverse it.
Example:  He wears a black t-shirt with grey pants and converse shoes    She wears a grey top (maybe a crop top?) with a black skirt, black knee highs and black high heels.

matching couple black and


3) Both of you dress in all black or all white, but keep it simple.  You can also have one person wear all black, while the other wear all white.  Just don’t look like a wedding couple or look like bikers in all leather like the Beckhams did.

 matching couples all black

 matching couples all white


matching couples celebrity style

Well, I hope you found this helpful.  Share with me any couple style coordinating  tips you might have!

Happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend!

Much love,



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