Tips To Having Beautiful Summer Feet

How are your feet looking right now? Are they ready summer ready?  If you are saying no,  I am going to share with you some ways to help you have beautiful feet for the glorious summer sun.  I will also list some great natural and organic products to help you beautify those feet of yours with barely any or no hormone-disrupting ingredients. 

Foot soak

First step in beautifying your feet is to give them a good soak at least once a week.  This will hydrate your skin, cuticles, and nails, and soften up this callouses for removal.  Pour in some bath salts or epsom salt to help with swollen and tired feet.

Organic Himalayan Bath Salts 24 oz $14.09 

Dr. Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt Foaming Bath $11.99

Pumice stone

Pumice stone is your best friend to help keep your feet looking smooth throughout the summer.  Keep one in the shower.  After you are done showering or doing your weekly foot soak,  go ahead and scrub those softened callouses away to reveal soft skin.

Earth Therapeutics Pumice Stone $5.90


Invest in a really good moisturizing lotion to keep you feet looking fresh and hydrated.  Coconut oil works great too! Also a good idea, have a travel size bottle of lotion in your purse for those day you run out of the house forgetting to check your feet.  You’ll be glad you did it!

Acure Ultra- Hydrating Lotion $7.99


It’s easy to forget to that your feet need protecting to from the sun.  If you know you’ll be out in the sunniest parts of the day for more than 30 minutes,  make sure to remember to put some sunscreen on your feet as well as any other exposed skin. 

Badger Unscented Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 $14.44

Avoid eating too much salty foods

Eating a lot food high in salt can cause your feet to swell, especially on a hot summer day.  If you are one of those people who like salty things,  try to cut down on your those foods during the summer time and drink lots of water to help kept swelling at bay.


Be very mindful about how you clip your toenails.  Always cut straight across .  Rounding can cause ingrown toenails.  Those are not fun or pretty.   Use a glass nail file to smooth out the edges.  Glass nail files are easy to disinfect.

Have some cuticles sticks handy to push back your cuticles.  Best times to do that are when they have soaked in water for a bit.  Clipping cuticles can potentially cause injury and infection, so be careful.

Nail Polish

 Lastly,  freshen up those toenails with some color.  Always try to start with a base nail polish to help protect your nails from being discolored from direct contact with colored nail polish.  Put one coat of base polish, 2 coats of colored polish, and one coat of top coat polish.  Make sure to let the polish try between each coat.  If you are someone who is not good with keeping up with removing nail polish when it starts to chip or when the nail grows out,  wear a nude or blush colored polish so it is not so noticeable.
Karma Organics  top and base coat $9.99


Pacifica in Turquoise Tiara $14.95

Ella + Mila in Mommy $10.50


Butter in Opaque Lavendar Orchid and Soft Carnation Crème  $15.00

Mineral Fusion in Jewel $7.99

Adesse Organic Gel Nail polish in Cynthia $18

I hope you found these tips helpful. Now go show off those sexy feet!

Tell me, what is your go-to summer nail polish for your toes? Also, do you match your toenails to your fingernails or not? 

Thanks so much for reading!  
Much Love,




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