My June Top 20 Instagram Pictures

Happy Monday darlings! I’m going to share with you today my top favorite Instagram pictures from June.  These are not my Instagram pics,  but pics I have liked from those I either follow or found while exploring for pictures.  I narrowed down all my “liked” pics to my top 20 favorites. Here they are!

Let me know which ones you like too!


jet set justine- pink skiry- fashion blogger-instagram
I love this skirt and sweatshirt combo


ootd magazine- thrifts and threads- britney xavier-fashion blogger- all black
I love this blogger, Thrifts and Threads, though this was posted on Ootd Magazine. The neck scarf and platform shoes make this whole outfit.


children of instagram- fashion blogger- kids sleeping
These sleeping kids are so adorable. Although I can’t help question why did they fall alseep during meal time? I thought kids love to eat and make a mess,lol.


beyond travel instagram- instagram- travel destinations- fashion blog- travel blog- vacation- dream vacation
What a vacation trip this would be!


blank itinerary instagram- rocky shore- gladiator sandals- sundress- fashion blogger- instagram
I love the scenery of this fashion post. Cute sun dress and gladiators!


joanna gaines- fixer upper tv show- biscuits- instagram- food - blog
I am a huge Fixer Upper TV show fan. Joanna Gaines has such amazing creativity and style. These biscuits look so heavenly to eat.


annielove219 instagram- instagram- loved one-  mourning- family-fashion blog
This picture is of one my cousins, Annie , with my late uncle , Jacquin. He past away suddenly from a routine biopsy due to internal bleeding. My heart broke when I heard the news. No one in my family was prepared for his passing. I miss him dearly.


shantel vansanten- celebrity- the flash- instagram- couture gown
Shantel was on one my favorite TV shows, The Flash. This dress is absolutely gorgoeus!


newborn baby- nephew- instagram - family pics-instagram babies
This is my new nephew Isaiah! He was born last Thursday. He is so beautiful.


vanillabeanjc- instagram- dylanlex- silver- celine
Vanilla Bean is a fashion blogger from NYC.  The fashion post highlights this very intricate Dylanlex necklace.   It is very cool


beautiful earth pixs- owl - snow- photography- nature photography- instagram
How fascinating is this picture!?  I wonder how long it took them to get this shot.


lyricalbianca- instagram- pregnant- bianca gonzalez
My cousin who is also an aspiring singer, posted this picture of my sister, Marisol, weeks before she was to deliver her baby boy.   

carriec- instagram- fashion blogger- colors- background- sun dress
I follow @CarrieC because I love how colorful her pictures are.  This background is fantastic!


jenna colgrave- instagram- fashion blogger- valentino shoes- pink dress
I can’t see this whole dress, but I believe it is absolutely gorgeous!  I love the details on the hem paired with those awesome Valentinos!


hello fashion blog- cargo skinnies- pink shoes- fashion blogger
@hellofashionblog was one of the first fashion blogs  I started following.  I think she was one of the ones that inspired meet start blogging;  I love how simple yet classy this outfit is.  


ashley graham- supermodel- bicycle- plus size model- cellulite
I have recently discovered Ashley Graham and I am so inspired by her.  She is the first “plus size” model to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine.  She is a body activist bent on changing the fashion industry to no longer use the label  “plus size” which in Hollywood starts at a size 8!  She posted this photo  to take away the stigma that comes with having cellulite.  She shows you can be a supermodel and still have cellulite.  It is a very normal thing to have and there is nothing wrong with it! 


vacation- ocean- balacony- awesome earths instagram
Oh how I would love to wake up one morning to have breakfast here!  What a dream vacation this would be.  


the housenof sequins- instagram- fashion blogger - ibiza- bathing suit
I follow Sarah of The House of Sequins on Instagram and on Snapchat.  Of all the fashion bloggers I follow, her style is the most like my taste,   This bathing suit is so festive and sexy.  I love it!


anna naphtali- photography- black and white photography
Anna is a photographer.  She takes really great photos and this one is one of my favorites.  I love the feel of it.  It has an enchanting feel to it. 


the versa style blog- instagram- white trench coat
This white trench coat -shorts combo looks so amazing. I want it!


I hope you enjoyed these photos as I have.  Thanks for reading!!

Much love,



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