Quote of the day

I have to be honest, I was not in the in-crowd when I was a teen. Not by choice though. Because of this I wasn’t very confident in myself then.  However, after high school I realized how ridiculous and insignifant the whole in-crowd high school cliques where and how it absolutely did not dictate how cool I was.  It took some time to gain self-confidence and not rely on people’s affections and approval of me to dictate my value.

 I had a bad friendship break up in the past.   It definitely tested my confidence again. This quote helps remind me how to be strong and not depend on people for approval. If it means I have to be friendless for a while till the right people come into my life, then so be it. I am to valuable to give my friendship to just anyone. 


 Be confident in who you are and don’t rely on “fake” friends to make you feel good about yourself.  You will know which friends are fake when they don’t show up to help you when you need it.  You deserve loyal and truly loving people close to you. 

Thanks and have a great week!
Much love,


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