My Wedding Style

Hey everyone!

I went to a wedding this weekend for a friend of my husband’s.  I thought I hadn’t met the couple before, but I realized when I got there that I had met them at another wedding and sat at the same table with them!   Joel and Aniyah are about 8 years younger than Josiah and I but the two of them have been through quite an ordeal together. Mainly a major accident that Aniyah was in a couple of years ago that could’ve easily ended her life.  She had serious injuries to her forehead, arm, and torso.  However, there is a beautiful story in this tragic event. Aniyah’s facial injuries left her face pretty scarred. She did needed skin grafts for arm as well. Her and Joel were already a couple at the time. However, because of her injuries,  she was afraid that Joel would leave her because she was not “pretty” anymore. Despite her fears,  Joel’s true love for her shown through and remained with her and spent many hours by her side at the hospital and through her recovery, reassuring his heart for her.  Today, Aniyah is still a beauty to behold inspite of her facial scars. 

The wedding was enhancing and simple. The dancing was corky and fun.  I had a great time and I wish all the best to Joel and Aniyah, in their new adventure together.

wedding- lace wedding dress- couples- wedding photography- fashion blog
Joel and Aniyah

centerpieces- wedding decorations- fashion blog- wedding story
Simple yet elegant center pieces

centerpieces- wedding decorations- couples- fashion blog
fruits-vegtables- wedding decorations- wedding food- blog
What a colorful array of food!

wedding couple- toasting- wedding decoration- wedding story- fashion blog
The beautiful couple

Being a stay-at-home mom, whenever I get the opportunity to go out to some fun event, I really treasure the moment to get dressed up for it,  since it is so rare.   I choose to wear my navy Zara dress.  I love the gold dots in front of the dress!  This dress has a cool minamlistic yet “ready to party” look to it. 

zara - navy dress- minimalism- wedding style

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