Good things are worth waiting for.

So we sold our house!  We are closing on the it the beginning of August.  We are so excited that we got a great offer for our home.  The downside though is we haven’t found a house yet to buy. We are moving into a short term lease apartment until we find the right home.

The next two weeks are going to be crazy. I have to pack up a house and manage a 1 1/2 year old boy.  I feel so lucky though because I have a couple of people who volunteered to help us with our move.  It gave me hope to see that I do have friends who will be there for me without me even asking them to.  My youngest sister, Jessica, will be visiting from NYC next week.  So she will be helping as well by babysitting my child, most likely. She is looking forward to hanging out with him, since she hasn’t seen him since Christmas.

moving- personal blog- house hunting- moving boxes
Empty boxes ready to be filled
closet- moving- real estate- walkin closet
Bare hangers where clothes once were


Anyway,  I do feel sad about moving into an apartment.  My boy has been so used to running around freely in our neighborhood.  There is also a walking trail through a preserved woodsy area across the street that he likes to walk through.   He loves nature. This apartment complex won’t have a nature-like place for him to roam around in.  Makes me sad for him.  However, when we do find the right house, he will have it cause we want at least 1 acre of land.


I’m gearing my mind and heart up to live in a smaller,  more crowded area.  I know we will be fine.  Just trying to get over the disappointment of not finding the right house yet. However, if we are patient, I know we will.

Good things are worth waiting for.


Have a great day everyone !

Much love,



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