Living Room Inspirations

House hunting, this time around, makes me want to be more intentional and meticulous about how I want to decorate my next home.  I realize after living in two homes,  that I really want to know what my overall decor theme is going to be before I start buying things to decorate it with.  Many times I would want to buy an item because it is so cute or pretty but then realized it wouldn’t match what I had in the house.  Or I would go ahead and buy it and then realize it later.    I think that my next home can be much more uniform in its decor and flow if I just decided ahead of time what kind of theme I want and only buy items that fall into that theme.

I am going to do several posts over the the next month or two where I pick a room of a home and find home decor pictures for that room.

So today I am doing living room inspirations.  Here are some pics I selected that has aspects I would like for my new home.



I have a thing for big windows. I love natural light and if my next home has large windows in the living room, I would be so happy. I also like the minimalistic modern home decor look. The couches I have right now are minimalistic, black and faux leather.  The rugs  against that particular color of flooring is really nice too.


home decor- fashion blog- room inspo- room inspiration- large windows




My husband has said how he likes the look of ceiling beams. I think he wants them to be wooden though.  I think I like them either way. He can make that look happen cause he is pretty handy like that.   I also love the color scheme of this decor.  Grey is my favorite color for home design.  I also like how all the sofas are facing towards each other for group conversations.

grey fireplace-marble fireplace-grey furniture- home decor-living room inspiration




Light airy colors… ahhhh… love it!  It gives such a relaxing feel.   I will definitely be doing light wall colors. It makes rooms feel bigger.   That rope rug is pretty cool too. Check out my last post My July Top 5 Cool Links  for the link to make a round rope rug!

neutral home decor- home decor-living room inspiration- white room





Ok.. this bookshelf with back lights is pretty awesome.  I might be able to get my husband to make me something like this.

bookshelf-living room inspiration-backlight




I already did something similar to this is my last home, however,  I like this one because the frames are bigger than the ones I used and they use art instead of family photos, which is different.  The white floors are amazing too!  I’m not sure if i could pull it off though with a toddler.  But I am thinking about doing a light grayish floor, if it is affordable and if when it scratches ( and it will ), it is not noticeable.   Everything about all the decor is so endearing.

frames- home decor- living room inspiration



Well, these are my living room inspirations for now. What are your home inspirations?  Do you have a particular home style you like? Share with it me in the comments!


Thanks for reading!


Much love,






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