My July Top 20 Favorite Instagram Pics

Happy Monday!  It’s time for my July top 20 Instagram Pics!  For this monthly series I go through my list of Instagram ” liked” pics.  They are not my own pictures, but people I either follow or discovered while exploring.  I will also explain why I picked the photo. At the top of each image, you can see the Instagram account it belongs to.  Go on and check those people if you like any of these photos!

Let’s begin!

instagram- top 20- July- fashion blog- photography- fashion blogger
I absolutely love these geometric shelves! They are so refreshing and unique. I might consider getting my husband to make these for me when we find our new home



colorful backgrounds- fashion blogger- instagram- top 20
I absolutely love how colorful this blogger’s instagram feed is.  How rad is this background she chose?!




beach- beach fashion- fashion blogger- top 20- instagram
This bathing suit is super cute! I also love the beach setting. Makes me miss the beach.



wood flooring- instagram- top 20- fashion blogger
How cool is this floor?! This account is actually a business that does designer wood patterns. They are really good!



interior design- home decor- fashion blogger-
I’ve met this gitl a few times ar some parties. She is a professonal photographer and amazingly talented! Her family recently bought a new home. This is her new living room. I would love to have a living room like this! Tall ceilings, lots of natural light and so well designed.



newborn baby phtography- instagram- top 20- fashion blogger
This is my nephew Isaiah!! He was featured in last month’s Top 20.  Now he is almost 4 weeks old.  He is so freakin adorable!!



fashion blogger- colorful backgrounds- instagram- top 20
Another blogger who is so colorful in their photography. Where do they find these awesome backgrounds?! I love the polka dot background with her cool dress



donuts- wedding food- instagram-fashion blog
Donuts, Donuts, Donuts! They look so good. So this past week I found myself searching instagram for yummy donut pics. It made me wonder about attempting to make homemade donuts at some point.



geometric patterns- flooring- fashion blogger
I do love geometric patterns! I wonder of I could make this kind of pattern somewhere in my future home.



red coat- instagram- fashion blogger-
I love this outfit. The red and pink coat makes the whole outfit stand out.



fashion - blogfer- instagram pics- white outfit
Airy, fun, and bright. I love everything about this photo from the composure to the editing.



chloe bennet- agents of shield- television- instagram- fashion blogger
Her name is Chloe Bennet and she stars in the hot tv show Agents of Shield. I love this photo of her. She always looks so stunning.



children playing- photography- rain- fashion blogger
I love how joyous this photo is with these two kids playing in the rain. It speaks so much of how fun life can be to children and how beautiful it is to be like them.


I absolutely love these geometric shelves! They are so refreshing and unique. I might consider getting my husband to make these for me when we find our new home




katie cassidy- arrow- television stars- fashion blogger- instagram
This is Katie Cassidy from the TV show Arrow. She is also a fashionista. Her account is full of personal style posts. She is so fantastic and so pretty.



beach- fashion blogger- instagram
I think this outfit is so fun. The colors in this photo are fantastic too.


This is another blogger whose account is so colorful.  How clever is this photo.  She used the size of the house to contrast her small self.  The color of this house is so beautiful too!





kid fashion- beach wear- coconut - fashion- instagam
This little girl is the cutest thing in that striped bathing suit. And she has that huge coconut! Haha! So adorable!



wood works- concrete designs- interior designs- instagram
This wooden cabinet and concrete combo is such a creative design. My husband is also into concrete designs. Maybe one day he would like to make something like this.




striped top- off the shoulder shirt- fashion blogger- instagram
This top has three trends in one : Stripes, off the shoulder , and bell sleeves. So hot! I want it! 


I hope you enjoyed these photos as I have!

Tell  me which one is your favorite?


Much Love,




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