Personal update

Hey people!  So this week my family are in the process of packing up our house to move into an apartment.  We haven’t found the right house for us to buy yet and we are closing on our current house the beginning of August. Because of all the packing we have to do, I’m going to have to take another blogging break, though this time much shorter.  I really need the extra time to pack up boxes.  I believe soon after we move into the apartment,  which is in another 2 weeks,  I’ll be able to return to blogging again.  
I will miss you guys!
Also this is a picture from last Wednesday.  My hubby and I celebrated our 8th anniversary being married! I love him so much more than I did then.  He is the best man I know in my life.

wedding anniversary- couple- photography- love
8 years married!

Talk to you soon!
Much love,


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