So I moved…..

Last time I wrote that I was moving out of my house because we sold it.  Did I ever say how much I hate moving?  Well…. I hate moving.

The house was a disaster  zone for two weeks with boxes piled high in our living room taking up almost half of the space.  Little Roman very clearly had a little bit of a hard time because a lot of his running space was blocked with boxes. I had to resort to taking him outside more often.  Outside….in South Carolina… in the very ,very ,hot and humid state of South Carolina…. where  you start sweating in 5 minutes South Carolina.  I halfway sweated through my clothes by the time we come inside.  Don’t worry.  I didn’t keep Roman out for more than 15-20 minutes and I always made sure to have water for him.

So we finally closed on the house and we moved half of our things into a short term lease apartment about 40 mins away and the other half of our things are in storage.  Living in an apartment is an uncomfortable adjustment for me.  It is significantly smaller and now I have to deal with a downstairs renter whose two kids sometimes walk in and out and in and out of their apartment slamming the front door as leave and re-enter the apartment.  I only hope that when school starts, they are not going to do that at 6:30 in the morning ( Roman and I sleep in till about 9ish).  Also, their is no decent play area for Little R.  It is all parking  and two huge garbage dumpsters which attract a ton of flies,  which obviously isn’t safe for him to play around.  It’s not a fancy apartment complex, but it was the only complex who offered 3 month leasing for a cost we could afford.  The bright side is that our unit has fairly new carpeting.  We didn’t have carpeting in our old house.  Roman definitely likes it.  He randomly drops to the floor and lays on it when he plays.  So cute. Other than our current housing situation, Hubby and I are still house hunting.  We hope the right house pops up soon.  I will keep you all up to date on it!

On a blogging side of things, Monday’s used to be “My Monday”.  However I won’t be doing that anymore.  I’d like to be more flexible with what and when I post.  I will still share my top favorite instagram pics and favorite links, but I won’t call it My Monday.   Also, I will still be posting weekly , but due to a few reasons, I will be have to take down my blogging to at least once a week.  Here are my reasons why:

1) I haven’t completely unboxed and organized our things.  I need to have more free time to organize our new temporary home.

2) I will  be spending more time researching and visiting potential homes to buy.

3) I will be directing more time preparing for a potential life change by going back to college for a second degree.  I have a specific career in mind,  but it is still not set in stone and I feel that I need to dive deeper into understanding that career before agreeing to putting myself into debt again.  Especially since I am a couple of months away from completely paying off my student loan from my first degree.   I don’t want to say what it is because it seems that whenever I share with people what my plans are to do something new,  it always doesn’t work out. 


I like blogging to much completely give it up just yet.  But for now,  blogging once a week takes a lot of pressure off of me to do these things that are more important right now in my life. Thank  you all for your time and thank you to those who find me interesting enough to follow!  I hope you continue to find my blog interesting.

Also, in honor of National Photography day today,  I will share this photo I took when I was in NYC visiting my family.  We took a trip from the Bronx down to South Street Seaport and I took this photo off a balcony.  I love the city.  I wouldn’t want to live there, but it is so refreshing to visit there when I do.



Have a great weekend!


Much love,






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