Putting pen to paper

Since I can remember,  I have had an unusual obsession with journals, planners,  and pens.  When I walk by the stationary section of any store,  9 times out of 10 I will stop to look and see what they have.  I don’t usually buy anything.  I don’t like spending money on things I can’t use right away.  But,  I secretly wish I can be rich enough one day where I can be a journal/ planner collector.  Like a coin collector or someone who buys classics books for fun.  I don’t have to write in them, at least not yet.  I know it’s wierd, lol.

Anyway,  for the past three years I have been commited to Typo’s planners.  I accidentally found them at a Cotton On store at the Mall of America in Minneapolis.  Ever since then I have been ordering them online at the end of each year.  I like the way they are laid out.  They actually have different kinds of planners, like monthly, weekly, and daily.  I have the weekly planner that has a monthly page layout at the start of each month’s weekly pages.  That way I can have a month over-view and weekly detail options.  

I love the variety of covers and sizes they offer too. 

So if you are looking for a cool new planner for 2017 or for the new school year,  check out Typo.  They have cool journals, notebooks, cases and pens too!
Thanks for reading✌🏼️!
Much love,



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