10 Tips to Look Stylish in Sustainable Fashion Style

Hey Everyone!   Today Kate Sicangco is our guest blogger and she be will writing about 10 tips to look stylish in sustainable fashion style.  I hope you all enjoy it!

You don’t have to cash-in your paycheck or values to look amazing. Just follow simple and inspired tips to stay fashion-forward and ecologically conscious.

1. Consider the number of uses
When you’re thinking about buying something cute, make sure you take into account how many times and ways you’ll be able to wear it. Can you wear it to multiple places, like work and dinners out? This will definitely make you stop and think before you make an impulse buy. Pieces like this Zimmermann playsuit could be worn to any number of parties, day trips, even work. The more times you can use the piece of clothing, the eco-friendlier it is and the less items you’ll need to purchase! Win-win.

2. Less is more
We all know the feeling when you’ve torn apart your closet looking for something—anything—to wear, and you get overwhelmed. This is because we have too many choices; our brain goes haywire and can’t make a decision. Purchase clothes you truly love and fit you well; these will be timeless pieces that will stay with you for years and save you tons of money in the long run (no more binge-shopping at Forever 21!)

3. Research the brand
As much of a hassle as this sounds, do a little research before you go clothes shopping. Find out where the brands you love manufacture their clothes, what kind of materials they use, and what their reputation is. If you see anything related to a sweatshop, move along! Chances are, you’ll feel good about the clothes you put on your back and the planet will thank you.

4. Read the tags
There’s a lot of scary, unknown facts about how clothing material can impact the environment. You can make such a difference just by being selective in the fabric you choose; try hemp, organic wool, bamboo, and recycled polyester. They’re not just better for the environment, they’re also better for you since they’re made with less chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides.

5. Get a tailor
Maybe you’re like me, and you think tailors are for the super rich. Shockingly enough, you can get your clothes altered or repaired for next to nothing. Hemming pants or skirts can cost you less than five bucks, and suddenly your clothes fit like they were made for you. Putting in this small investment into your clothes can make them go the distance and last even longer.

sustainable fashion- fashion blog-guest blog
image: photofy stock

6. Try a “fashion fast”
Believe me, I know how tempting it is to want to buy a new outfit for every occasion. Your birthday is coming up and you want to look your best, or you might see an ex at a party so you absolutely must buy those new jeans. Try promising yourself that you won’t purchase any new clothes for a few months; you’ll be surprised at how easily you can find new uses for your clothes, and new ways to spice up old outfits.

7. Get thrifty
Thrift shopping is totally in now, especially since Macklemore rapped about it. Only got twenty dollars in your pocket? No problem. Thrift shopping is so eco-friendly because it means we’re reusing clothes instead of trashing them and buying more. Drop off your old stuff to your local thrift shop and browse around while you’re at it—hey, all the hipsters are doing it!

sustainable fashion- fashion blog- guest blog
Image: refinery29.com

8. Go local
Maybe you already buy organic, local meat and produce. You’re a rockstar! But funnily enough, the fashion industry is the second biggest industrial polluter on Earth, second only to oil. Check out your local markets and craft fairs, and try purchasing local hand-made items. Not only will you get unique, high-quality stuff, but you’ll also be taking a stand against the polluting of our world.

9. Back away from the detergent
This might sound icky, but try washing your clothes less frequently. Like, a lot less frequently. You’d be surprised at how little you actually need to wash things like jeans and work clothes; your clothes will last you years longer, and won’t go through as much wear and tear.

sustainable fashion-fashion blog-guest blog
Image: gq.com.com
10. Accessorize
The best style trick out there is to accessorize; you can change an entire outfit just by adding a belt, or switching flats for wedges. You don’t need to drop money on a new outfit every time there’s another party; try adding a statement necklace, knotting a loose shirt, or maybe even just a baseball cap, and suddenly, you look brand new!

A fashion aficionado, Kate empowers women through her fashion tips and tricks.  If not writing, you can catch her playing with her cat, Doody.




15 thoughts on “10 Tips to Look Stylish in Sustainable Fashion Style

  1. Love this post! I want to try to buy only eco friendly fashion in the future but it can be expensive so these are also great tips on how to be more eco aware. I’ve really become interested in the whole ‘stop fast fashion’ thing. I follow Safia Minney of People Tree and Livia Firth, both promote slow fashion and being more eco friendly. I’m over at http://www.girlgonedreamer.co.uk these days, not the WordPress blog which will probably show xx

  2. I think that buying stuff that we truly love and being comfortable with where it is from is important. Buying the latest trend to impress our friends in not the smartest decision when it comes to our footprint and self-esteem.

    Haha I live in Australia so in summer and can be unhygienic to not wash clothes if you’ve worn them when going out in the middle of the day – but clothes that I wear in aircon(workclothes etc) seem to do really well with little washing, especially if I take them off before coming home when I mess everything up when cooking and cleaning. ☺.

    I like the idea of buying a couple of amazing pieces, at most, every season – then loving and cherishing those pieces for many years to come.


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