Latest Favorites

Happy Weekend everyone!  I’ve haven’t done this yet,  but I want to share with you all my latest favorite things. They can be either an event that happened, something about someone or just someone, an object, or even an idea or thought.  So here are my top 6 latest favorites:

1) Andalou Naturals 8 Berry Fruit Enzyme mask. So  I recently tried this one time use pack of Andalou’s 8 Berry Fruit Enyzme Face Mask.  I’ve never gotten into doing facial masks before.  I never saw a significant difference when I had used them a couple of times in the past.  When I was ordering my regular baby food and soaps from from Vitacost,  I saw this pack and decided to give it a try since it was a one use pack. I bought two of them.  I washed my face and smeared this berry colored mask on my face. Within seconds my face felt tingly.  I loved the way it felt.  After I washed it off, right away I could tell a difference in the smoothness, clarity, and softness of my skin. I am officially hooked on it and bought the jar version of it.   It is NON GMO verified and has ingredients that I understand.  Andalou naturals age defying face mask



2) Eos is my go-to lip saver.  Certified organic and sweet mint flavored, I put this sucker on my puckers whenever they need moisture and every night before I go to bed.
EOS sweet mint lip balm



3) Jenny from the block did not invent the hoop earring trend. No honey.  These are an NYC staple accessory.  I always have to make sure I have a pair in my jewelry arsenal. I would love to buy a pair or real gold ones.  However,  the thought of having something that expensive for earrings that I tend to lose or break every once in the while, stresses me out.  I’m ok with fake ones.  They still look good and real.

Gold hooped earrings


4) Reviva’s hypoallergenic mascara was a great find.  I tried this brand for the first time earlier this year and I got attached to it.  Honestly, my all time favorite mascara is one from Physician’s Formula.  However, I don’t wear makeup that often. Physician Formula mascara would dry out after 3 months.  Reviva’s mascara would not. So I have stuck with Reviva for the sake of not tossing a half used mascara tube away every 3 months. It’s a few dollars cheaper too. No stinging or strong scent either!

Reviva hypoallergenic mascara


5) When it comes to my family,  every minute with them is a favorite moment.  I am so blessed to have them.  I’ll choose them every time over anything in this world.  They are my life, my air, my joy.  Here is one of my favorite moments with them where my youngest son Roman managed to climb onto his dresser using his changing pad that hung off the side of his dresser.  This boy is a daredevil.  My husband and I were it in his room when it happened.  I walked into his room probably a half a minute after he did this, saw him and laughed.  Ahhh, the joys of raising a boy. Never a dull moment.

Son climbs on dresser



6) So one of my favorite shows is New Girl.  In had been behind a whole season and so when Netflix released the last season, I hop to it.  I have to make sure I post a warning :  SPOILER ALERT!!

So I have been cheering  for Schmidt and Cece’s relationship since then ending of season 4 when he proposed to her.  So I pretty much cried the last episode of season 5 when they finally got married in their apartment in a small intimate wedding after Schmidt missed their grand wedding earlier that day trying to make one last attempt to convince Cece’s mom to come to her daughter’s wedding.  I rewatched that last episode about 5 times and cried each time.

Shmidt gets married to Cece on New Girl Tv show


So there you have my latest favorites! I will try to do this more often cause it was actually fun to post this.  Of course personal favorites change or new ones get added to the list.  That’s why I call it the “latest ” favorites.

So tell me what are your latest favorites!  I would love to hear them.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend !!


Much love,



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